*Please note, Workshop fees are NON REFUNDABLE. If for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop, your fee can be transferred to a future workshop date.

$150 - All inclusive 

With your fee you get all materials needed to make 2 8x8in pieces of art. 

Payment must be made in full to reserve your spot for the workshop. 

"I went to this workshop today with Taylor Clendennen and it was SOOO much fun. I learned so much about the art in such a very short time.  I HIGHLY recommend  it to anyone interested in exploring  this further. It's harder than it looks, but the 4 hours flew by.  I learned everything she said I would and so much MORE! Thanks Taylor!

- Vicki Hill, Encaustic Wax 101

Do you have a special fur baby at home? Do you want to show how much you love them by creating a unique and one of a kind piece of art? Well here is your chance!

In this class you will get to make your very own pet portrait with my guidance. Each pet portrait will be prepped for you with all the wax and image transfer of your pet already added to the panel (See photo 1). Then the magic happens! You get to do all the wax carvings and added embellishments to make your piece a work of art! I will have all materials on hand for you to use...add extra color with pan pastel, add some shimmer with metallic powdered pigments, create texture and reveal wax colors below with your wax carvings, and even add some whimsical embellishments with embedded copper wire. No need to be an accomplished artist, just bring your creativity and get ready to have some fun! 

So what exactly is the process?

After you sign up for the class you will need to send me a High Resolution photo (or 2-3 photos for me to choose from) of your pet. I will prep your 8x8in wood panel by adding all the colored waxes, add the top layer of white wax, and lastly the image transfer of your pet. When you come into class, your portrait will be ready for you to start carving and embellishing. Throughout the class I will guide you and give suggestions in case you need some extra help. At the end of the class I will varnish your piece...varnish takes 36 hours to fully cure and be ready for transport. Due to this, you will have to wait a couple days until your piece is ready to go home. I will also finish the edges of your panel with black paint and add hanging wire to the back of your piece. After your piece if fully finished (a couple days later) you can either pick up or I can ship to you for a small fee. 

Cost: $100 (includes everything!)

Class Schedule: 

Each class has 8 spots available...once full it will be marked in RED

February 17th, 1-5pm

March 10th, 1-5pm

April 14th, 1-5pm

May 19th, 1-5pm 

Want to do a private party? Private parties can be arranged at the date of your choosing. Minimum of 4 people needed for private party. 

*Please note, class fees are NON REFUNDABLE. If for any reason you are unable to attend the class, your fee can be transferred to a future scheduled date.

*Please note, Workshop fees are NON REFUNDABLE. If for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop, your fee can be transferred to a future workshop date.

encaustic wax 101

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Mini Encaustic/Mixed Media Collages

Upcoming workshops & CLasses


In this class we be using clear Encaustic Wax Medium and other mixed media to create 2 mini vintage inspired collages. Each collage with be on a 4x4 wood panel. While we will only be using CLEAR wax (no colors), we will will learn how to use other mediums to make our mini collages unique. In this class, you will learn new techniques like doing wood glue burns (looks like creme brulee tops!), incorporating different types of papers and fibers, old photos, metal scraps and wire, found objects, as well as using india ink, alcohol ink, metallic powdered pigments, oil pigment sticks, pastel, metal leafing, and graphite. This is the perfect class for anyone wanting to explore a new medium and see where your creativity takes you!

Pet Portrait Wax Class


Workshops & Classes

Numerous workshops and classes are taught on a monthly basis at Taylor Blaine Art's Studio at Winter Street Studios in Houston. The majority of the workshops held involve Encaustic Wax, whether being Encaustics 101, Wax Pet Portraits, and How to Make Encaustic Wax Paints. Some other workshops and classes offered involve jewelry making (classes are project based), polymer clay mosaics, and DIY Art Transfer Tiles. More workshops and classes will be added throughout the year.

Below you will find upcoming workshops. If you are unable to attend on dates listed, contact me and we can arrange another class or even do a one-on-one class.

For more information on workshops and classes, please contact me.

The full cost of this class is $65 and includes 2 small wood panels (4x4) and all materials needed for the class. Payment must be made in full to reserve your spot. To pay, please click the payment button to the right where you will be redirected to the Square merchant site.


Student Reviews

In this introductory course to Encaustic painting, students will explore the many different styles and techniques while working in wax...from creating layers of translucency to texture and dimension, to image transfers, adding 3D objects, and other artistic mediums. Students will receive a strong grounding in Safe Studio Practices and Encaustic tools and materials. Students can expect to come away with two small, completed paintings.

Contact Taylor Clendennen at Artist.TaylorBlaine@gmail.com to reserve your spot or for any other workshop inquiries. Space is limited and on a first come basis.